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Local Services

Trying to get to work and stuck in traffic? Find out what is going on in your local area instantly using the XLBrowser™. Simply select local news and events from the local services icon. Within 8 seconds find out which traffic route will get you to work on time.


When you have to know what a word means, from the XLBrowser’s™ info icon, select dictionary and enter the word you need to know. You never know when you could be saved from having to look for a new job.


Heard the market took a hit but can’t get a hold of your broker? Don’t wait another minute, the XLBrowser’s™ finance services will help you get up-to-the-minute stock prices. It is as simple as selecting the stock option from the finance icon, enter your stock symbol, and select the exchange. Within 8 seconds you will know if your fears are well-founded or if you have survived another day.


Do you wish you could get particular content on the XLBrowser™? Send us a note and we will see what we can do. Once a month a winner is chosen from all entried received. The winner receives $250 USD. If you are able to provide us with an idea AND the content, you could win up to $5000 USD. Please see fore details about the contest and entry rules and regulations.

Actual Services May Vary Depending on Region.