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Receive your e-mail on your phone. No need to be tied to a PC. And no need to upgrade to an expensive phone or service.

Social Networks

Access your social network accounts from your phone. No need to be tied to a PC. And no need to upgrade to an expensive phone or service.

Music Downloads

Just heard a song and want to download it to your phone? The XLBrowser™ brings the latest songs to you, wherever you are. From the music icon, select hottest ringtones to choose from a list or search for a ringtone, select your song and download your new ringtone.


Need to know how your favorite team is doing? Get up-to-the-minute updates on sport scores as well as sports news for the most popular sports in your region, be it football, cricket or even NBA. Now it is easier than ever to stay updated.


Waiting in line and really bored? Anytime can be a great time for Sudoku when you have the XLBrowser™ on your phone. Simply select sudoku from the games icon, choose to start a new game or continue a previous game, choose your game level and start your Sudoku game. Don?t have time to finish? Select save to finish your game later.


Stay in-the-know when you are on-the-go. The XLBrowser™ provides up-tothe minute news from around the world. In as few as 5 clicks, view the top headlines and select them to get the whole story. Within just 8 seconds get the full story right on your phone.

XL Connect

Send and receive messages from your phone to a PC anywhere in the world. And no need to upgrade to an expensive phone or service. You can communicate with contacts around the world instantly from your own phone using SMS technology.


From the settings menu you can update your country selection, set your sound options, or enable services. Within the enable services option, you can enable hidden services or disable any unwanted services to customize your XLBrowser™ to suit your personal perferences.


Add your favorite services to your favorites menu to get faster access without having to re-enter details.

Loyalty Program

The XLBrowser™ Loyalty Program (XLBLP) incorporates a customer loyalty points program into the XLBrowser™ mobile-phone interface. The XLBLP enhances the relationship between an operator, content provider, retailer or distributor and its customers by providing more flexible ways to reward frequent customers, while facilitating the collection of user information.

Actual Services May Vary Depending on Region.