Ex CEO of Esmertec Joins Mobile-XL™

Telecom veteran, Dr. Thomas Hornung, Joins Mobile-XL's™ robust Board of Advisors

LOS ANGELES, April 14, 2010*– Mobile-XL™ has today announced that Dr. Thomas Hornung, ex CEO of Esmertec AG (now Myriad Software) and a 25 year veteran of the telecom industry, has agreed to join the Board of Advisors of Mobile-XL™.

Commenting on the appointment, Dr. Thomas Hornung said, “New players like Apple, RIM or Google are continuing to change as role models of the mobile industry by bringing mobile internet services to the consumer landscape around the world. Nevertheless, SMS messaging remains the most successful data service on mobile phones, capable of offering a multitude of end2end services on a transparent and affordable basis. The Mobile-XL™ browser now takes SMS to a new level in user experience and bridges the divide between low cost phones and quality content. Its rapid adoption by operators and consumers alike in emerging markets is already delivering more than the initial proof of concept and will prepare the ground to establish new completely integrated, content and services driven, profitable business models. I look forward to joining the team and making a contribution to Mobile-XL’s™ continued growth.”

Guy Kamgaing-Kouam, CEO of Mobile-XL™ commented, “We are honored to welcome Thomas as an advisor to the company. The mobile industry has been rapidly changing and it’s crucial to be able to swiftly adjust to new market conditions. With over 25 years of experience, Thomas brings a 360 degree view of the industry and, in particular, unique expertise on multi-sided business models, deep knowledge of the infrastructure side, amazing insight on how to support operators and key relationships within the mobile software development and distribution value chain. Thomas is also one of the few mobile senior executives who not only understands but also shares our passion for the opportunities that exist in emerging markets and he has been a very valuable support for management in our strategic decisions. We look forward to Thomas’ continued involvement with Mobile-XL™”.

Dr. Hornung has been involved in all aspects of the telecom and mobile industry from the perspective of strategy, business development, engineering and operations. Before leading Esmertec, Dr. Hornung, as General Manger of Siemens Mobile, turned the Siemens Mobile Feature Phone Business profitable to its all time height with around 10% global market share. As chief product officer, Dr. Hornung was a core member of the Debitel AG IPO team, executing the migration of Debitel from a mobile reseller to Europe's largest full blown mobile, fixed network and internet service provider. On the solutions and services side, Dr. Hornung, with in-depth HW and SW technology insights, has worked on different end2end services with Nixdorf Computers, setting up a completely new business unit. Dr. Hornung maintains strong relationships with tier 1 operators, leading semiconductor platform providers, OEMs and services providers around the world and is well respected among investors within the mobile and high tech space.

About Mobile-XL™: Mobile-XL™ is a California-based technology company focused on building value added services to mobile users worldwide. Mobile-XL’s™ mission is to bridge the digital divide by connecting families, friends, communities and businesses using the ubiquitous SMS channel. Mobile-XL™ products are revolutionary in providing connectivity and tools for empowerment to areas with limited or expensive internet access. For more information, please visit www.mobile-xl.com



Dana Mech, VP of Marketing