Mobile-XL™ Delivers Vital Healthcare Information to

XLBrowser™ Users In Emerging Markets

LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2010 –Mobile-XL™, a Los Angeles based mobile technology company, is proud to announce its partnership with mDhil, a global healthcare information provider focusing on health issues in emerging markets, to supply healthcare-related content to users of the XLBrowser™.

mDhil’s health information, published by public health professionals, including physicians and registered nurses, is of the highest quality, extremely reliable and focuses particularly on health issues affecting developing countries. mDhil’s healthcare information will be first available on the XLBrowser™ platform in August 2010 across several African markets then India by end of the year.

mDhil’s founder and CEO, Nandu Madhava, added, “Lack of access to accurate health information is an ongoing problem in many emerging countries and our technology addresses this pain. We are pleased to partner with Mobile-XL™ to offer our health tips in additional markets in the hopes of creating healthier, more empowered societies. With billions of consumers using basic feature handsets, putting the information at their fingertips through the XLBrowser™ is the right thing to do.”

According to Suzanna Conrad, Mobile-XL’s™ VP of Content, “This collaboration with mDhil gives XLBrowser™ users an immediate and affordable access to a suite of essential health topics via SMS. This seemingly ubiquitous health information, ranging from sexual health, to relieving stress, malaria and H1N1 prevention to AIDS information, has remained inaccessible to many of the people in these markets. We are particularly proud of this service with a phenomenal social impact on people’s lives and of our partnership with mDhil which brings us closer to our goal of bridging the digital divide.

About Mobile-XL™: Mobile-XL™ is a California-based technology company focused on building value added services to mobile users worldwide. Mobile-XL’s™ mission is to bridge the digital divide by connecting families, friends, communities and businesses using the ubiquitous SMS channel. Mobile-XL™ products are revolutionary in providing connectivity and tools for empowerment to areas with limited or expensive internet access. For more information, please visit www.mobile-xl.com.

About mDhil: mDhil launched in India in 2009 following several years of field work in emerging markets which confirmed a major problem: that the majority of people do not have easy access to accurate health and wellness information. mDhil currently provides its healthcare information to India via the mobile phone, which provides the most common connection to information for the vast majority of Indian consumers. For more information, please visit www.mdhil.com



Dana Mech, VP of Marketing



Praveen Basaviah, Director of Media & Content.