Mobile-XL™ featured in article about Easy Access to Mobile Internet

LOS ANGELES, January 27, 2012 – Mobile-XL™, a mobile technology company, was today featured in an article published in Balancing Act, Africa's top online resource for news related to Telecom, Internet and Broadcast. The article is focused on solutions such as Mobile-XL™'s XLBrowser that are allowing a whole new generation of users easy and inexpensive access to the Mobile Internet. Excerpts follow:

"Mobile XL has been created by a company of the same name run by Guy Kamgaing and creates an interesting route for more low-end phone users to “get a taste of the Internet.” Once the consumer has downloaded the XL Browser, he or she will get immediate access to social media, local and national news, music updates and even access email:”It will allow something of the same experience for the user as the high-end phone and enable them to access relevant content. The billing is clear and it’s available on all devices.”

So for a user with a basic Nokia, Alcatel or Chinese phone, it will allow them to check their Facebook page and read e-mail with the only requirement being a GPRS connection. With or without a connection, you can go into the available applications which are all on a single platform.

This is a client side app that connects to the cloud:”We have a connection into Facebook’s APIs to get the content. When delivered to the user, it looks like a regular SMS.” Because it puts togther 3-4 SMSs, it enables you to read up to 600 characters of an e-mail.

Two years ago it did small pilots with Orange Cameroon, Safaricom and MTN Ghana for a year. Then it was approached by Vodafone in India (145 m subscribers and IDEA Cellular (95 m subscribers) and it will launch with both early in 2012:”We have gone from Africa to India, which is the reverse of what usually happens.” It will be launching with all the three African operators above in Q1, 2012. The pilot attracted 100,000 users across all three operators.

The early adopters used Facebook a lot but there were also interested in sport and local news: “In Cameroon it was possible to offer a local job search. Local content will drive usage.”

In terms of pricing, in India, they were allowed to introduce an unlimited bundle (to mirror the way the Internet is used) for 30 rupees a month (US59 cents a month). Safaricom is going to offer it for KS5 a day (US5.7 cents) or KS30 a month (34.7 cents) a month. In Cameroon, it will be 1,000 CFA a month (US$1.95):”It becomes like the Internet but it’s way cheaper.” The revenue share is 40-50% to Mobike XL depending on the size of the market.

It’s done deal with Alcatel and Nokia and MiFone looks likely to offer a MyXL handset in 2012."

About Mobile-XL™: Mobile-XL™ is a California-based technology company focused on building value added services to mobile users worldwide. Mobile-XL™'s mission is to bridge the digital divide by connecting families, friends, communities and businesses using the ubiquitous SMS channel. Mobile-XL™ products are revolutionary in providing connectivity and tools for empowerment to areas with limited or expensive internet access.



Dana Mech, VP of Marketing