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The mobile phone market has matured. There is an undeniable trend toward value-added services. How will you differentiate your service and deliver MORE to your customers?

The XLBrowser™ helps you deliver a world of information and connectivity. In return, you create a very loyal user base, increase usage, and generate an ongoing revenue stream with unlimited potential for growth. By leading the marketplace trend, you can increase market share, reinforce or create a cutting-edge brand image, and ultimately differentiate yourself from competitors. It is a great tool for shutting down or surpassing the competition.

The benefits are numerous…

Increase ARPU

The XLBrowser™ gives you additional services to provide to your existing customers. It will also bring back old customers and attract new customers. The services on the browser are geared toward developing ongoing usage, thereby generating a revenue stream well beyond the average usage. Users will become reliant on different services and SMS usage will increase.

Improve Customer Acquisition & Retention

Getting new customers and keeping them happy can be expensive with the commodity mindset in today’s marketplace. The XLBrowser™ can help you to reduce customer acquisition costs and also improve customer satisfaction. Marketing the XLBrowser™ is less expensive because you can advertise a number of services without having to promote an endless number of shortcodes. Once the XLBrowser™ is downloaded on to a phone, services are easily accessible using its simple and intuitive user-interface. The XLBrowser™ allows you to offer your customers exclusive features, develop an active loyalty program and improve communications, thereby reducing churn.

An Increased Ability to Communicate with Customers Provides an Excellent Platform to:

  • Announce special deals, sales or discounts.

  • Invite customers to events, VIP parties or conferences.

  • Offer news or information that drives performance or decisions.

  • Keep your brand in your target consumer’s mind.

  • Increase your sales conversion.

  • Generate repeat sales.

  • Up-sell and cross-sell products and services.

  • Gain valuable feedback from your visitors.

  • Drive users to make additional purchases.