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Technical Specifications

The XLBrowser™ is an industry standard platform ready for deployment to over 200 handset models. It was developed as a unique way to use SMS to create a dynamic, interactive mobile information service. The XLBrowser™ platform focuses on delivering a mobile end-user experience superior to alternative technologies available today particularly in emerging markets.

The uniqueness of the XLBrowser™ comes from both a user friendly smart mobile software client with a built-in algorithm and a backend architecture that includes a robust server-side platform consisting of a high-performance Content Management System and an expandable suite of innovative services.

Mobile Client

The XLBrowser™ application is customized for almost any handset screen size and memory capabilities. A THIN client can use most of the available services, although for newer handsets, Games, Ringtones, and other unique features make the XLBrowser™ a powerhouse.

  • J2ME client.

  • Can be pre-installed or downloaded via OTA, Bluetooth, or Infrared. Easy to manually install.

  • Uses J2ME APIs: JSR 120, JSR 118 (MIDP 2.0), JSR 75 (PIM).

  • Multiple language support.

  • Able to update dynamically or add new services by simple SMS and invisible to user.

The XLBrowser™ Mobile Client breaks down the traditional barriers to subscriber adoption for new services by simplifying and enhancing the user experience. It provides simple, intuitive navigation for content services and some unique tools for communications and back-up functions.

The client can be customized to reflect operator or service branding and can be refreshed or updated OTA.

Server Side Platform

The XLBrowser™ Server-Side platform comes loaded with existing content services and revenue generating applications. In addition, it manages the provisioning and updating processes across different subscriber segments as well as the integration and delivery of specific content streams including those supplied by content partners.

The XLBrowser™ mobile client interconnects with a robust and high-performance SMS Gateway and Content Management System.

  • SMS Gateway to connect to operator SMSC on SMPP, HTTP, Java API, or any other protocol.

  • CMS:

      Redundancy and load balancing.

      High-performance Service Router to access content.

  • Control panel for dynamic content control and uploads by carrier and third party content provider.

  • Industry-standard reporting and logging tools.

  • Multiple databases for content repository, uploads and downloads.

  • Online access to some unique services.

Compatible Handsets

  • Motorola

  • Nokia

  • Sony Ericsson

  • Samsung